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What can you run off a 45 watt Solar Panel?

by yupan11 on August 10th, 2011

1. What can you run off a 45 watt solar panel?
First of all, you can’t connect a sink that requires a constant power, since the power of a solar cell is intermittent, due to the intermittency of the solar irradiation. 45W will be the peak power, so that is only reached under ideal solar irradiation conditions. If you reach the 45W you could e.g. connect a few energy saving light bulbs to it.

2. Can solar panels deliver a steady supply of power?
Directly- rarely. Electrical output is based on light input- so variances in sunlight cause variances in solar air condition, However, by STORING the output (say, in a storage battery) the peaks and valleys can be smoothed out, and a (reasonably) steady supply of power created. PS- Don’t forget the days that are cloudy, and night time.

3. Why did the voyager and pioneer and galileo probe did not have solar panels?
The Voyager, the Pioneer and Galileo probes were not solar hot water because when a probe goes past Jupiter the sun rays are 25 times weaker than than on Earth, and to have a system large enough that would make use of the little light would double the weight of the probe.

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